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Happy Face Flip Cards are fun, educational, completely personalised and so easy to create.

Have all of your family and friends put together in one place. Your child will love looking at all of their happy smiling faces and eventually trying to say everyone's name. For older kids attach to their Kindy backpack for a great family ID tool.

This is a great way of getting your child used to their loved ones faces especially if you have some family long distance, you can even add the family pet as a flip card.

Because the flip cards are completely personalised they can be created to help children with Autism learn emotion or even help people with dementia fill in the memory gaps when they need it.

Visit the upload & order page to easily create your own flip card pack or purchase a gift voucher for someone else. Don't forget to view the 'images tips' page for tips on how to select good quality images for upload.

We hope you love them as much as our family does, Sincerely
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